'Working the Forge' Giclée Print

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My first sketch of this character featured him in a battle-ready action pose. But then I realized that he's most at home in his workshop, surrounded by his tools.

The clang of hammer on anvil jolts though the hot air. Bang, bang! What new wonders will this master craftsman create next?

The caption reads 匠甲冑を全うする, which translates to 'The craftsman perfects his armor'.


Archival pigments on acid-free handmade Japanese paper.

Every print is signed and sealed by the artist.
Measures 12x17 inches.

This print looks great in three standard 16 x 20 frames (US, Canada) or 40 x 50 cm (everywhere else).
Jed really likes this one for its simple design.

31.75 x 43 cm.

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