Handmade Okawara Paper (Double Thick)

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This special paper is custom made for us, and is twice as thick as the original Okawara paper. It's much more sturdy, and is great for wet techniques like sumi-e or watercolor. 

Measures 12.5 x 17 inches.  (32 x 43 cm) 

The best way to understand this paper's properties is to watch this YouTube video

 ** NOTE - This paper is for ink drawing, calligraphy, sumi-e and watercolor. It is not intended for Japanese printmaking. You can run it through a medium format printer, but be prepared to go through several test prints before you figure it out. 

This double thick paper is not available anywhere else. We order it custom from the family paper workshop in Japan.  

After using watery brush strokes on this paper, you'll notice that it might begin to warp a little. This is perfectly normal for Asian papers, and it's still possible to easily mount it flat for display, as seen in this video

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