'Rickshaw Rush' Gold Foil Print

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Gold leaf is often used in traditional Japanese painting, and I'm a big fan! It brings an extra dimension of depth. I also just love shiny gold stuff!

While this gold colored foil isn't real gold leaf, I tried hard give it an antique texture and patina that feels real and antique. I am very pleased with the results!

The art style in this print is inspired by Yamaguchi Akira. If you're not familiar with his works, I encourage you to look him up! I tried to include lots of action, humor and detail. I'm very pleased with the results!

This print measures 16x20, and is bigger than my usual print size by about 50%. It fits perfectly in a 16x20 frame, which is easy to find at any frame or craft shop. 

 The captions read:

悪意睨み       Malicious Stare

イカ人間            Squid-people

魔里王車            Ma-ri-oh Cart

金属重量級         Metal Heavyweights

ドキドキパニック     Doki Doki Panic

邪悪双子             Evil Twins

ほね亀王             King of the Bone Turtles

亀族の大魔王      Demon King of the Turtle Tribe

ジャングルの王者     Lord of the Jungle

亀船                     Turtle Boat


Archival pigments on acid-free art paper

Every print is signed by the artist

Measures 16x20 inches

Fits perfectly in a 16x20 frame (standard size)


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