'Across the Lands Between' Giclée Print

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I usually work in a traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e style, adapting games to look as if they existed in 1700s or 1800s Japan. But this game glowed with so much of its own unique, gorgeous imagery that I was reluctant to 're-skin' it in Japanese brush strokes.

Instead I returned to another style I often use, based on the works of Ivan Bilibin. Bilibin is well known for combining traditional folk imagery from medieval Eastern Europe with Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts design from the early 20th century. The result is something that feels both modern and ancient at the same time. 

This print is a tribute to an amazing game and also to the work of Ivan Bilibin. 


Archival pigments on acid-free handmade Japanese paper.

Every print is signed and sealed by the artist.
Measures 12x17 inches.

This print looks great in three standard 16 x 20 frames (US, Canada) or 40 x 50 cm (everywhere else).
Jed really likes this one for its simple design.


31.75 x 43 cm.

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