'Boar and Hydrangeas' Limited Print - Gold

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A very rare item - I almost never make limited edition prints. 

This design was screen printed with 18 different color passes, including metallic gold. The color registration is flawless - lining up perfectly down to the millimeter.

Hand screen printed by the talented folks at Vahalla Studios.

Limited edition of 200 gold variant prints. Each print is signed and numbered. 

Printed on heavy 130 pound card stock. Archival.

Paper measures 13x19 inches.

The interior design is about 12x16 inches.

This print looks great in a 13x19 or 16x20 frame.


I have been a father for the past twelve years. Every day I strive to be a loving parent, though sometimes I struggle to control my selfish and wild impulses. (Maybe most parents can relate?) I like to think I'm doing an okay job nurturing these little human lives I've been trusted with, but it takes regular reflection to stay on course. For this design, I added the mother boar to symbolize this phase in my life - a dichotomy of both gentle and wild instincts.

Hydrangea (ajisai [ah-jee-sigh] in Japanese) have symbolized many things down the ages. In Japan they are often celebrated for their enduring nature. They bloom during Japan's June rainy season, and continue to flourish all summer, much longer than most flowers. For this reason, they're seen to represent endurance and steadfastness. I want to be a steadfast presence in the lives of my children. Whether it be childhood concerns, teenage drama or adult woes, I want to be 'in bloom' for whatever they're experiencing in life. 


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